Event development and coordination – Amazing online events don’t just happen. They require planning, communication, and volunteer recruitment. I have experience in planning and organizing in-game contests, coordinating and hosting special events, and managing an e-sports league. I’m also available to support player-driven initiatives.

Social media – Social media is where your community growth is driven. Passionate users can be identified and cultivated, and spread the joy of your game. I can maintain engagement with your audience via frequent posts and interaction. I have experience with Reddit, Steam forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

User assistance and supportI love helping people! Solving problems for players and assisting them so they can get back in-game is highly satisfying for me. I have overseen support teams through periods of large growth and have experience identifying trends and creating efficiencies in user support.  I also have experience with vendor evaluation and selection, and the set up and maintenance of player feedback tools.

Moderation – Moderation is important to building healthy, welcoming online communities. I can manage and track the performance of your moderation systems, and work with you to develop a Code of Conduct and improve your comfort and safety tools.

Streaming and video production – Twitch and YouTube can be excellent advertising for a game. I am not only personally comfortable with these platforms, but have experience with content creator outreach and assisting passionate players in creating their own content, driving more people to your platform.