At mamamonkeyVR, I specialize in community engagement. Whether it is special events that increase play time and player retention, or encouraging and supporting group projects that increase the sense of community in your player base, I want to help grow your game.

In addition to my portfolio below, you can find some testimonials about my community involvement here!


With a colleague, we organized and ran room-building competitions in Rec Room. This created a lot of incredibly well-made rooms and experiences for our players to explore, the best of which can be seen in the videos below. This contest was very well-received both from the creative community and the player base.

These contests also included an in-game event for the finalists, which was also streamed live to Youtube.

Prior to beginning work at Against Gravity (and after only two months of involvement in the Rec Room community), I was asked to give feedback on the events system they were developing, and ultimately hosted the first two “Featured Events.”  These events both grew from what had been small, informal gatherings to events ten times larger, which were very well-attended by the community.



I produced a YouTube series of interviews with notable creators in Rec Room, exploring and highlighting some of the work they’d done and getting tips and tricks for new creators.

With three other players, we have organized and run Rec Room’s first esports league. You can view my twitch streams below, and join our Paintball League discord server here.

Community Engagement

I have a passion for mentoring others – whether it is giving feedback on their pet projects, or coaching them to engage the community themselves – my experience and energy is multiplied when it is shared. I have become a go-to person for help with testing ideas, thinking through events, and scouting out the next power user who will push the community forward.

Offline Background

I have been a tireless community volunteer in my hometown of Calgary, AB. Whether it is chairing very successful school fundraisers, or volunteering on my local residents’ association board, I am very involved in my community and love to help connect people. I have volunteered for over five years in a local community organization (243 Tuscany Scouts) in various roles (Beaver and Cub Scouter, and Group Registrar – at times concurrently), which has used and strengthened my natural talents at leadership, organization, and community building.