As a Community Manager, these are the values that are most important to me:

Approachability – I want people to feel comfortable bringing me their ideas, suggestions, and yes – even their complaints. Through my community organization, I became known as a go-to person within Rec Room who makes things happen.

Inclusivity – As a female gamer and mom to children with disabilities, inclusivity is close to my heart. I want your game to be a place where people feel welcome, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, or physical abilities. I have an interest in moderation tools which increase comfort for those from non-traditional gaming communities, and am constantly trying to learn more about the best ways to use these techniques.

Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is infectious. Sharing the joy of discovery or competition engages your player base and makes them talk about your game. It can also extend beyond shared enjoyment, and encompass the drive that leads us to get things done. I don’t like, “That’s not possible” – I like “how can we get there?”